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Mid-week Wind PDF Print E-mail
Written by Basil Cambanis   
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 09:35

Updated on 26 June :

Sterkies on 25 June 2009
  • The wind blew decently yesterday (around 35 knots), but not as strong as expected.
  • I kited to the Southern bay to have a longer run, but the wind was too square when I got there, and being West meant it was also very gusty coming over the hills. What a trek to get there and back !
  • Ironically the wind switched NW in the late afternoon just before I kited the Northern bay, which is best in a West.
  • The day was a disappointment speed wise, but I feel very chuffed for having made it to the Southern bay and back in one piece is a gale and near freezing temperatures.
  • The Southern bay has loads of potential, but only works in WNW; West is too square and gusty. Getting there is a mission not to be taken lightly. I need to find another way of getting there if it's to be a viable option in future.

    Here's my GPS tracks to/from the Southern Bay :
    Google Earth

Updated on 25 June :

  • It was -5C at Warden at 6am.
  • 2 trucks blew over at Van Reenen yesterday (24 June) in 40+ knots.
  • Van Reenen's pass was closed from 7am until 5pm on 25 June due to strong wind.

    This was the final forecast before I left at 5am (note the blue stars) :
    Windguru Forecast

    Synopic chart looking promising :
    Synopic chart

 Updated on 23 June :

Heads up for wind during the week, decent wind is expected Tuesday through until Thursday.
Note the very cold temperatures will accompany the front.



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