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Sterkies Speed Event - Autumn 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Basil Cambanis   
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 10:24

Sterkies Speed Event

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14 June 2010

21h30 :
The wind blew stronger today and peaked between 40 and 50 knots just after 2pm. Unfortunately as it increased it also swung to the North which made the course too broad, and the run very short and very choppy. So the best speeds were earlier on (+-11am) in lighter wind.
There was a good showing at the event as competitors came out their comfort zones to brave chilly conditions and howling wind.
All except for 1 competitor (who shall rename nameless) managed to improve upon their personal bests (PS's). Some of them by a sizeable margin.
There were not many changes to the ranking today, expect in the top 5 spots.

A new comer worthy of special mention is
Christoff Muller from Centurion (Gauteng).
He managed to clock just over 40 knots on his twintip on his first day attempting speed. What an achievement in trying conditions and a short track.

Another speed kiter who excelled at this event was
Paul Railton
. He was first 
introduced to speed at the May 2009 event, and I named him as the most promising prospect, and today he made good on that promise.
He managed to pip 
on his last run of the day while loaning my board.
Anton FINALLY got beaten after dominating the event since inception in 2008 (4th event).
The wind was still strong enough for Anton to try make amends, but he opted not to, siting the cold and being tired as valid reasons.
Well done on this momentous achievement Paul, Anton is the finest opponent you'll meet in a long while. I expect him back at the August event with renewed vigor.

Gauteng managed to retain the
Inter-Provincial trophy by the slenderest of margins to date (0.31 knots).

It's brings joy to my heart to see the speed event fulfilling it's goals and introducing kiters to the thrill of speed; everyone has also improved at such an alarming rate.

report and pictures to follow tomorrow (there are some beauts)  . . .

Speedboard jump
Who says speed boards with lead weight can't fly

05h30 :
Wind's blowing 20-25 already and sounds as though it's freshening.
We'll have an early start today in case it only blows at full pace in the morning.
All GPS's have been charged and tracks downloaded from yesterday. Bandwidth and 3G cap restrictions here prevent me from uploading a lot of data, so I'll do this once I'm back in Johannesburg.

Only 1.1 knots separates KZN from Gauteng at present, so it promises to be a close contest this morning.
1 good run from either party will change the outcome.

We have a stunning array of photos and video clips for you to feast you eyes on; it'll take me a few days to compile all the material. 

13 June 2010

18h00 :
I tried to do a site update during the day, but time was too scarce.

The wind started with a lot of promise and reached a peak of 36 knots at 09h45, after which it started a gradual decline until 11h30, and then stabalised with an average of 20 knots and gusts up to 28 knots.The best speeds were set early on and in the late afternoon.
Reese and Stephen arrived on Saturday and managed to catch the best wind early in the morning along with most of the Vaalies. Bruce, Rob and Paul from KZN arrived on Sunday an hour after the wind had subsided, but capitalised on the late afternoon spike in the wind to record very respectable speeds.

Wind Graph
Lighter than I expected, but enough to keep most kiters on shore during the peak just before 10am.

47 knots was recorded on the point, but this was a brief spike which did not show at the weather station.

Provisional Results from DAY 1 Racing
[Rank, Name, Max, Ave, Province]
1. Anton Nel, 47.97, 44.92  - Gauteng
2. Paul Railton, 47.12, 
44.20  - KZN
3. Reese Hendrikz
43.75  - KZN
4. Bruce Chrystal, 43.44, 41.15  - KZN
5. Rob Chrystal, 42.66, 40.49  - KZN
6. Warren Gallow, 41.38, 40.33  - Gauteng
7. Christoff Muller (TT), 40.49, 39.24 - Gauteng
8. Luke Thomas (TT), 40.76, 37.63 - Gauteng
9. Steve Gore 36.33, 33.72  - KZN
10. Beau White (TT), 36.36, 33.08  - Gauteng
11. Peter Marowinski (TT), 36.44, 32.71  - Gauteng
12. Rowan George Hayes, Jnr. (TT), 
32.24  - Gauteng
13. Wern de Villiers (TT), 34.13, 31.84  - Gauteng
14. Anna Hayes (TT), 31.95, 31.43  - Gauteng
15. Rowan Hayes (TT), 
30.97  - Gauteng
16. Dean Hinkins (TT), 33.43, 30.57  - Gauteng
17. Ross Hayes (TT), 33.47, 30.26  - Gauteng
 --   Basil Cambanis, 50.03, 46.47
Verified results to be made available by Tuesday 15 June.

Inter-Provincial after DAY 1
Gauteng Average : Basil 46.47, Anton 44.92, Warren 40.33 = 43.91 knots over 8 seconds
KZN Average : Paul 44.2, Reese 43.75, Rob 40.49 = 42.81 knots over 8 seconds

The forecast for tomorrow (Monday) has weakened, but I'm confident with a strong high pressure system ridging in behind the fronts that it'll blow far more than they say. The key is to hit it early if the wind is up at first light as it might dwindle as the day progresses.
Full report and verified results to be made available on Tuesday.

06h40 :

Finally the BIG day has arrived and the wind is starting to rip even at this early hour, it's reached 28 knots already.
I'll post updated throughout the day signal permitting.
I'm so excited that I couldn't sleep last night; my mind was already visualising the run with 35+ knots on it and guys going for broke.

12 June 2010

Nothing exciting to report for DAY 1, it blew 13-18 knots in the afternoon and peaked around 3pm.
Everyone did some free sailing to dust off the cob webs and feel out the bay in which speed will be done tomorrow.

A BIG blow is on the cards for tomorrow (Sunday), so the stating buoy has been laid in preparation for an early start.
Big thanks for Warren Gallow for laying the buoy for me, as I'm still not feeling up to scratch, and he swam, dived, you name it in cold water.

10 riders registered today, but many more are on the way from Gauteng and KZN 
Expect an action packed report tomorrow evening.

11 June 2010

"All good things come to those that wait" so they say, well it seems true for this event.

Here's the latest Windguru forecast :
Latest Windguru forecast
I couldn't ask for a better forecast; prepare battle stations.
The only reprieve from the wind is on Saturday, which we'll use as a warm up; thereafter it's gale force all the way !
Note the plummet in temperature from Tuesday onwards.

There have been a few last minute cancellations; Fred, Degald and Sean and a few others cancelled 
for various reasons.
Pity, as this might top May last year, but I'm sure they'll be at the next one in August.
Others have come aboard, but there's still a few spots available, so l
et me know soonest if you plan on competing so I can plan accordingly.

Here's the current list of entries, let me know of any errors & omissions :
List of entries 
Gert is flying back from Switzerland on Sunday morning and will get to Sterkies in the afternoon; he's already paid (incorrect above).
There are several other guys 
from Durban, but I don't have their names yet.

We'll have a fun "
Big Air
" competition wind and time permitting.
This will be judged subjectively this time, but there's a GT-32 unit in development which will allow us to measure altitude variations accurately (jump height and hand time).
In case you're not sure why we'd want to have a big air comp at Sterkies, here's why :
Rob Chrystal's jump on Tuesday 

10 June 2010

Very sad what when on this morning, someone with the alias of "EagleEyes" from hacked both my business and speedkiting site for no apparent reason.
This is a non-commercial site that is run by private funding, so what was the point of doing this.
I expend a lot of time, energy and money updating and operating this site out of love for the sport and for no financial gain; this was the last thing I needed.
Several of my articles have been destroyed through this malicious act, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to recover them.
I take pity upon the poor delusional fool that did this, what were you thinking and what kind of upbringing did you have to think it's cool to destroy rather than create.
I must obviously be doing something right to warrant your attention; this only makes my resolve stronger.
Now back to why this site is here . . .

There are enough chalets booked for all competitors, I'll know the unit numbers by tomorrow.
The forecast still looks solid and we'll get plenty racing in.

Saturday : Moderate wind, peaking in the 20's. Warm up racing if the wind averages 20+.
Sunday : Fresh-strong wind, peaking in the 30's. Racing as soon as it's 25+ and close enough to the ideal direction.
Monday : Will be a ripper, peaking 40+ (maybe more). There'll be enough wind from first light, but we'll wait until 9am before racing commences. Prize giving will take place shortly after the peak wind of the day subsides.
Tuesday : Plenty of wind still around, but the temps will take a nose dive and the direction might be too square. No racing

It'll start warming up rapidly from tomorrow through until Monday (pre-frontal), so don't stress about snow on the berg, and the high pressure will do it's thing.
But I wouldn't want to be there from Wednesday onwards from a temp point of view; but there'll be snow a plenty.

Here's what weather underground forecast, you can expect almost double what they say
Clear. High: 18 °C . Wind West 21 km/h .
Saturday Night
Clear. Low: 7 °C . Wind NNW 18 km/h .
Clear. High: 19 °C . Wind WNW 28 km/h .
Sunday Night
Clear. Low: 4 °C . Wind NNW 21 km/h .
Clear. High: 20 °C . Wind WNW 46 km/h .
Monday Night
Clear. Low: 0 °C . Wind WNW 32 km/h .
Clear. High: 12 °C . Wind West 25 km/h .


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