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Speed at Richards Bay PDF Print E-mail
Written by Basil Cambanis   
Friday, 06 August 2010 15:35


11 August 2010 

We certainly had the wind and kited 3 straight days.

DAY 1 :
We kited at St. Lucia in the surf, and it was warm with decent waves and an absolute pleasure.
I came face to face with a hammer head shark just past back line which gave us both a big scare. I also saw two dolphins in a wave as I was approaching it. 

DAY 2 :
The front hit sometime in the early morning and it was windy with the odd rain squall.
I couldn't get a boat to take us to the sand bank, so we kited at Pelican island with the locals; what a nice bunch of guys.
I left my details at the ski boat club in the morning with the hope of someone taking us to the sand bank the next day. This paid off and we managed to secure a boat for the next day.

Day 3 :
Tuesday had the strongest wind and came in phases. It averaged 18-23 knots, but increased to 30+ every 15 minutes or so as a squall approached. I'd estimate the strongest wind was around 35 knots. We left the bank just before 12pm and it looks as though the wind improved thereafter.
There were little waves breaking on the shallow bank, but this was not an issue, the wind angle was the show stopper.
It was dead square to the bank which made decent speeds impossible. The only way I could jack up my speed was to bear away into the chop, naturally my averages were slow.
I had a 45.79 peak by doing this and just over a 40 average, which is not what I was after.

Kiting at Sand Bank in SSW
This was taken during one of the squalls (30+)
Enough juice for the 12, but no chance of hugging the bank during a speed run in the square wind.
I didn't need to beat back upwind once which is not a good sign for speed.

No fireworks I'm sorry to say, but a lot of lessons learnt for the future.
I firmly believe that Richards Bay will delivery the goods sometime in the near future, it's a magic spot with huge potential. 
The locals are super friendly and very willing and able sailors, I hope to see them again soon.

6 August 2010 

After months of watching and waiting, it's finally time to descend upon Richards Bay to do speed at their magic spot.


I'll go there from Sunday until Tuesday, and all indications are that it'll be an epic trip.
This is just what I need after months of very little wind inland and huge work pressure over the past 2 months.

Pictures and video to follow . . .

Solid forecast for all 3 days. Monday looks epic

Satellite Image
Decent fronts locked and loaded - bring it on

more to follow . . . 



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