Luderitz – 9 October 2008 Print
Written by Basil Cambanis   
Thursday, 09 October 2008 02:00

The wind blew again today (stronger than yesterday) and I had the right kite size for the first time (7sqm), but I had a single run on flattish water conditions while the tide was high enough (up to wall), but it quickly subsided.  As the water subsides, the shape of the bay changes to more of a curve and there's a shallow section at the beginning, so the run is shortened.

IF I improved on my speed today, it was marginal, but then again everyone found the conditions difficult and I don't think many improved on their speeds.
The chop at the end of the run was a killer, and I had my worse wipe out since the first day on my last run while trying to get in that fateful last one; I spend the last half of the run in the air and then couldn't hold on any longer and slammed into the deck with my right side this time.

Bottom line, never try to force the issue if the right conditions don't present themselves, leave it at that, else be prepared for some punishment.

This will most likely be the last day of competition, as the next wind is forecast a day too late (Tue next week). It was a real pity about the tide, as the wind truly thumped today. 

I'm still here until the morning of the 19th, so I'll still try to improve on my speeds after the event (even if they're not official), as there'll be a higher tide later in the day next week.