Walvis Bay – 20 October 2008 Print
Written by Basil Cambanis   
Monday, 20 October 2008 02:00
I've been fortunate with wind throughout the trip and Walvis has been no exception, I've kited everyday while at Walvis.
I had 30 knots the day I arrived on 1 October and now I've had wind on 19 and 20 October (20-25 knots), which were meant to be layover days as I could get a connecting flight when I wanted.
The conditions at Walvis a quite different from Luderitz in that the wind is very square to the speed strip, but the run's much longer and the bank is fairly straight.
One word of caution though is watch out for the jellyfish, they come in various colours (purple, clear, black) and sizes and love staying close to the shore, just where we speed sail. I've been stung all over my legs and could hardly sleep the last 2 nights and they've been so itchy.
Walvis is better suited for Windsurfers as they perform better in a square wind angle, but it's a fun spot none the less.
The cost of living is more in Walvis than Luderitz as it far more developed. They're busy upgrading the runway at present to accommodate bigger jets.