52.28 knots at Sterkies Print
Written by Basil Cambanis   
Saturday, 29 May 2010 09:01
The charts looked more promising than Windguru forecast, so I called Anton and told him to make a plan to get there, which he and Mark Roe duly did.
We were rewarded with wind from first light on Friday which lasted the entire day.

Synoptic Chart
                     Promising Synoptic chart

               Satellite picture that morning
[Eugene from PE says it rained there the whole day]

Wind graph
     Whenever it blows NW throughout the night, you know it'll be good

Windguru forecast
The forecast the night before; nothing exciting.
The moral of the story, use it as a guideline; BUT don't think that's what it'll blow.
It blew almost 3x stronger than forecast, and this usually the case when it's NW.

GPS Ranking - May 2010

There's been a big shake up in the GPS ranking during May, with 7/10 overall ranking spots changing.

Speed Results by GPSResults V6.82

Filename: C:\GPS\5HzUnit\5HzUnit.txt
Accumulated Doppler speeds, cubic spline integration (10/20s), one run per leg

Peak Speeds :
  time        m   [knots]
09:18:17     5.4  52.28
09:27:25     5.4  52.08
11:27:39     5.3  51.69
09:31:41     5.1  49.72
09:21:16     5.1  49.52
average[5]:  94.559km/h  51.058knots

Over 100m :
  time        m   [knots]
09:27:26   104.3  50.672
11:27:40   102.5  49.817
09:18:17   101.2  49.169
09:31:44   104.7  48.458
09:40:48   103.2  47.742

Over 250m :
  time        m   [knots]
09:27:28   252.3  44.579
10:47:13   250.2  44.213
11:38:28   253.4  43.978
09:31:46   252.8  43.879
11:27:42   251.9  43.721

My best speeds were in the morning, as the wind backed off in the afternoon.
These were the most efficient high-end speeds I've had to date; 52.28 knots in just over 30 knots of wind.

I used an experimental 5Hz GPS unit, and was disappointed while doing the post analysis and saw the 52 peak, as I was certain I read 53+ on 2 of my runs, and a 46 average on one of them. But so be it, I'll wear a backup unit next time and try go faster.

Speed Profile
Speed profile of 45.62 knot average 10 sec run, which covered 235m.
Check out Google Earth to see how short the run is :  28°24'36.03"S  29°2'0.21"E

My Genetrix that came to the rescue after my 10 DOS exploded the afternoon before.
I last used it at Luderitz and then in May 2009 when it blew 60 knots.

Battery trouble
Mark's car battery was flat in the morning, but it was sorted after some pushing and revving.
 On a different vein, look what we discovered this morning while feeding our rabbits :Bunny
Newest family member - "Fluffy"